About us

Steriline Robotics

Steriline Robotics Intelligent Compounding System streamlines and speeds up your i.v. compounding processes.

Steriline strong drive for growth through innovation is also supported by a strategic partnership with the Politecnico di Milano, the largest technical University in Italy and among the most influential academic institutions in the domains of Design and Engineering worldwide. Since 2012, Steriline has been an Institutional Participant of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, a Foundation established in 2003 through a joint effort between the Politecnico di Milano, major city and regional institutions and important corporations to contribute to innovating and developing the economic, productive and administrative environment.

As a company always ready to renew and evolve, Steriline has been working in close cooperation with Fondazione Politecnico to build on this “network of excellence” and benefit from innovation opportunities through research and technology.

Nowadays, the initiatives that Steriline carried out within the Foundation’s incubator PoliHub have mostly developed into three main projects: the enhancement of the company’s structure and organization, the research around fluid dynamics (mostly with a study of the VHP® diffusion in Isolators) and the entrance in a Politecnico di Milano’s spin-off project on robotics and artificial vision.

The latter, in 2014, led to the creation of Steriline Robotics. Representing a compelling challenge for Steriline future business development, the company produces and supplies innovative Intelligent Compounding Systems (ICS) for the preparation of injectable drugs in the Hospitals and Compounding Centers.