In addition to all our Customer Support services, microbiological and analytical works can be either included in the single projects or managed as independent activities to satisfy our customers requirements.


Machine on-board components calibration and setting

With this activity, before the machine installation, each single component is calibrated and set providing a turn-key solution to the customers perfect their machine:

  • Temperature probes
  • Pressure transmitters
  • PDI: pressure differential indicators
  • Thermo-couples

Machine hardware components calibration and setting

  • Inverters
  • PLC
  • Servomotors

Machine protocols validation and execution support
(OQ, during pre-FAT and FAT)

  • Process tests (vial cleaning capacity, filling capacity, thermal cycle, air speed uniformity, VHP sanitization, particles counter, etc.)
  • Performances tests (machine output, production speed, etc.)
  • Components control