Vial Filling Machines RVFM




Key features

Capacity up
to 6.000 pcs/h

Range 2R-100H

Minimum downtime


Designed for campaign production with containment technology.

Vials transport with anthropomorphic VHP compatible STÄUBLI robot.

Maximum of 4 open vials involved in filling and stoppering operations at the same time throughout the machine.

Minimum format parts and electronic adjustment of all parameters for different vial sizes.

Peristaltic pumps dosing system (volumetric piston pumps available).

Handling of single-use disposable systems option.

100% IPC or Statistical check weighing system directly under the filling nozzles with feedback to dosing pumps. Re-fill up to target value for underfilled vials. No product waste during the product path priming.

Nitrogen flushing before and during stoppering.

Capping unit integration on the same monoblock with additional anthropomorphic VHP compatible STÄUBLI robot.

Zero reject philosophy. Repeated operations on missing stopper or cap detection.

Continuous monitoring of the viable and non-viable particles.

Compliance with cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements.