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Aluminium Capping Machine for Vials



The modern design of STERILINE capping machines takes into consideration the newest requirement of the sealing process:

  • In line transport and small width, suitable for the application of RABS and isolators, reduce the volume to be monitored and sterilized;
  • Capping station designed to reduce particle generation, by rotating the vials under the blades;
  • Continuous monitoring of the viable and non-viable particles;
  • Vibration Generator for the bowl of aluminum caps inside the mechanical area, below the process area;
  • Possibility to seal flip-off or tear-off caps;
  • Possibility to install different closing station (i.e. Screw caps; press-on caps);
  • Possibility to monitor the applied pressure during sealing process;
  • In line control, for cap presence detection. No vial - No caps & No rubber stopper - No caps available in the basic design;
  • Available with standard protection hood, LAF, CRABS or ISOLATOR
  • Ease of access and ease of format change allow efficient operation with reduced downtime.

All Steriline capping machines are in compliance with cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements.